How Did The Knights Templar Become Rich

how rich were the knights templar

How Did The Knights Templar Become Rich

How Did The Knights Templar Become Rich

You will find the answer how rich were the knights templar.

The Knights Templar became wealthy because they were the most entrepreneurial of monastic orders, earning from a variety of services such as early forms of banking and the transportation of commodities and people. When individuals migrate from the West to the East in particular. Taxes are not levied on the Knights Templar.

Muslims and Christians began exchanging, forming a chain of commerce. The knights templars rent their stores and work as exchange brokers. To pay military responsibilities in the east, the templars developed their commerce by selling wine and horses and owning mills.

On the other side, they created a banking firm and are making a lot of money from it. Thus,  They had the first financial system in Europe. Pilgrims who did not want to be robbed on their way to Jerusalem offered their money and belongings to the Templars.

So, The templars issue a ‘check’ for the value of the jewels, which they can pay at the Jerusalem Templar temple/church. Money transfers to the East, which involved the use of ships transporting coinage; were a crucial aspect of the Order’s economic activities. The knights templars are now getting affluent by the day.

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