Rare Masonic Books

Rare Masonic Books

Rare Masonic Books

There is a unit where many Masonic books are alive. However, there is a unit a pick few that area unit terribly arduous to seek out. These ones area unit the rare ones.

The First Masonic Book to be published in America

The terribly initial edition of the primary Masonic book to be revealed in America was written by Benjamin Franklin in the city in 1734. Moreover, It’s titled ‘The Constitutions of the Freemasons.’ It’s a reprint of ‘Andersons Constitutions’ by Brother James Andersons. It wrote by William Hunter in London and revealed in 1723. That reveals beneath the authority of the Grand Lodge of England.

masonic books
Masonic Books

It is entitled: “The Constitutions of the Freemasons”. 

The Constitutions of the Freemasons contains the rules, charges, and history of the Mason Brotherhood. James Anderson took his time to compile the book. The book, ‘The Constitutions of the Freemasons’ vie an elementary role within the development of colonial society and therefore the formation of the Republic. The book contains a 40-page history of Freemasonry ranging from Adam right down to the once King George I started his rule.

It is an honest historical account that tells tons regarding design and pure mathematics in brother. It additionally mentions varied historical figures like King Athelstan the Saxon, King European nation King of Great Britain of England, Augustus Caesar, Vitruvius, designer, Abraham, Hiram Abif, Moses, Nebuchadnezzar, patriarch, and king. But that reprint by scientists in 1734 is currently terribly scarce. The sole best-known copy of it’s in possession of the library of the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania.

Rare Masonic Books of the Knights Templar  

The Trials of the Templars

Not long past, The Trials of The Templars in a very two-volume set given to the Library of the Supreme Council, of the Scottish ceremony in Washington DC. The Trials of The Templars titled ‘Processus Contra Templario’ contains a real historical account of how the Templars were dead and also the political circumstances that encircled the execution of the Templars.

The Trials of The Templars was reveal in 2007 by the Vatican Palace Secret Archives. Solely 799 copies of the book were create. It’s a facsimile transcription that was create into English and Italian of the confessions. From June twenty-eight, 1308 to July two, 1308, 72 Knight Templar knights were question by this commission that appoint by Pope Clement V. Therefore, It absolutely was create by a commission that was appointed by Pope Clement V by seventy-two Knight Templar knights UN agency was under interrogation from June twenty-eight, 1308 to July two, 1308.

Masonic Books
                   Masonic Books

These 2 volumes additionally contain The Chinon Parchment. The Chinon Parchment was rediscover in 2001 once it had been misfile within the Secret Archives of the residence. The Chinon Parchment is that the Catholic absolution of the Templars from all the heresy charges them sweet-faced. There area unit solely two copies out of the 799 copies created in Masonic libraries.

The 2 facsimile volumes area unit sure in animal skin with gold foil writing within an animal skin case. One of the books contains facsimiles of the first parchment documents whereas the opposite book contains English and Italian translations of the documents. The Chinon Parchment contains the impressions of the 3 wax seals of Cardinals Berenger Fredol, capital of South Dakota Diamond State La Chapel, and Pietro Colonna.

Other Rare Masonic Books:

These Masonic books include:

Thaddeus Mason Harris and Isaiah Thomas delivered Masonic orations in the 18th century.

Moreover, Jeremy Cross’s Hieroglyphic Monitor, compiled by Amos Doolittle, publish in very early editions of the True Masonic Chart. In Connecticut was printed in 1820.

 Ahiman Rezon or Help to a Brother by Laurence Dermott. Moreover, In 1756, the primary edition of this book wrote by James Bedford in London. A digestible and shortened version wrote by William Smith in 1783. The shortened version print by the Grand Lodge of City of Brotherly Love in 1783.

If you just need to scan these books rather than aggregation them as associate investment or donate them to a Masonic library, you’ll purchase one among the mass market editions.

There are other rare Masonic books apart from these ones. You can search for them online

Why You May Need Rare Masonic Books

You may need rare Masonic books for the following reasons:

  • To give a sound Masonic speech a few lesser-known Masonic topics
  • For analysis functions, if you would like to write down a Masonic book
  • To add to your personal library or assortment
  • Also, give to a Masonic library or deposit
  • To write a Masonic analysis paper

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