31st Degree Collar


  1. 31st degree – Inspector Inquisitor
  2. Superior Quality
  3. Stitched gold metal hook for attachment to collar
  4. 14mm gold braid all over the collar
  5. 3D bullion design
SKU: LR-CMP-00301
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31st Degree Collar

31st Degree Collar – Hand embroidered


  • 31st degree – Inspector Inquisitor
  • Superior Quality
  • Stitched gold metal hook for attachment to collar
  • 14mm gold braid all over the collar
  • 3D bullion design
  • Clip for securing a collar jewel
  • “V” tip fitted with Jewel swivel hook
  • The perfect combination of white and golden color with the hint of red color


Collars had long been worn by knights, members of royal families, high dignitaries, members of noble orders and so on. It was probably inevitable that in due course, the ribbons prescribed by Grand Lodge would become more elaborate, finally becoming collars and Freemasons wear these collars and apron for their rank and wear at different ceremonies and if you are looking for the best quality masonic regalia you are at the best place. We provide excellent quality regalia. Please visit our website and grab your favorite products.

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