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Every monastic group must have a set of rules that regulate the organization. Not just to become a knight templar, but also to follow a set of rules that every masonic member must follow. Bernard of Clairvaux, with the help of others, drafted the templar regulations in 1128. The rule specifies the consequences for any member who breaks the law or disregards the regulation.

Breaking of Rules

when you break the rule The charges against the criminal are heard by the brethren and the commander. In front of both, the offender must admit that he was wrong. Following that, he was told to leave the room. The penalty was decided by the commander and his brethren. No charges will be taken against a member because no violation has been prove, the member is innocent, or the violation is minor. The case would be handle in the General Chapter if the violation was severe.

This was the harshest punishment a Templar warrior might face. After being eject from the order, he was forced to join the Cistercians, who had previously formed a close alliance with the Templars. When a knight breached the Rule in a more serious fashion, he received this form of penalty.

Another punishment is the loss of habit if a knight leaves the Temple house without permission, shares important information, kills a Christian, commits sodomy; commits dishonest acts; or shares critical information. Return the horse or weapons to the offender in this punishment. Fought with a knight’s brother; slept with women, lost their horse, or was discover lying. After a year or one day, all of the above crimes could be forgive.


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