Preceptors Breast Star Jewel


  • The red cross in the center
  • Silver Plated polished to a very high standard
  • Brooch pin on the rear
  • Approx 70mm in diameter¬†
SKU: LR-KT-4409
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Masonic Knights Templar Preceptors Silver Plated Breast Star Jewel

Silver Plated Breast Star Jewel


  • Pyramid style Knights Templar Breast Star
  • The red cross in the center
  • Silver Plated; polished to a very high standard
  • It has Brooch pin on the rear.
  • Approx 70mm in diameter¬†
  • 100% quality guaranteed
  • Long lasting Craftsmanship of the highest quality


We are professionally presenting you with the highest quality breast gem. Silver plated gem that has been hand polished to a high quality. High quality silver is polish to a high shine, with a three dimensional raised surface and a badge style pin on the back. This multidimensional, pyramid style Knights Templar Perceptors Breast Star exudes beauty and significance.

The symbol of the Red Preceptors Cross is set against a shining white enamel background. It is the ensign of a KT member of Freemasonry. The outstanding level of craftsmanship and polishing on the silver plated Masonic jewel will surely capture your attention. You can wear it with your clothes at lodge meetings; ceremonies, and other similar events.

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